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The Reality of Caring for a Loved One

A caregiver is someone who provides assistance to another person.  The assistance often starts with small tasks such as running to the store, picking up medications, or other local errands.  Over time the demands can increase. ist2_3858995-great-grandma-s-90th-birthday.jpg

Unpaid caregivers, such as family members, friends, and neighbors, are referred to as informal caregivers or family caregivers.

Family caregivers are heroes.  As with other heroes, you sacrifice for others.  You trade precious time, energy, and money to improve the life of your loved one.  In addition, studies now show you are also sacrificing your health.

  • Caregivers have increased blood pressure and insulin levels.

  • Depression and psychological disorders are more common among caregivers than the general population.  

  • Senior caregivers have a higher mortality rate than their non-caregiving counterparts.

  • Caregivers spend less time enjoying leisure activities.

Caring for a loved one often means you focus less on caring for yourself.   

Common Experiences and Frustrations

Your situation is unique.  Family caregivers do, however, share many common frustrations.

Time – You struggle to balance your family, career, and other commitments.  You gave up on having a “social life” with friends a long time ago.

Information – The paradox of not knowing and having too much information dumped on you at one time is frustrating.  You have specific questions, problems, and desires, but who can filter through all of the information to find the knowledge?  Who should you listen to?

Money – What can you afford?  What programs do you qualify for?  What products and services will make life significantly easier and more comfortable?  Most important, is there a qualified person out there who can give some advice? Is there anyone that is not affiliated with an insurance company, the government, or trying to sell me something?

You are not alone in these struggles.

We Share your Goals

Destination Home LLC was founded to help people struggling to live at home and their families.  We are knowledgeable about insurance, government assistance, and home healthcare providers. However, we work for you.  We come to your home.  We review the condition of your loved one.  We evaluate the living environment. We work within the constraints of your budget and other available resources.  Within hours, your questions can be answered, your concerns addressed, and your plan of action defined.

As a family caregiver, you are a hero.  Your sacrifice is real. All heroes need support, knowledge, and and products and services. Our Independent Living Specialists will be your support.  Our knowledge is vast, and we will share it with you. We will help you select from an array of products and services to make life easier for both you and your loved one.

Why Destination Home LLC?

Working with you in the privacy and safety of the home, we determine the best action plan for your loved one’s condition, environment, and budget.

Our independent living specialists are:

  • Qualified – Our independent living specialists are licensed and registered occupational therapists with advanced training to help your loved one continue to live in the comfort of his home.  Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals specifically trained to help people be as independent as possible.  They are trained in anatomy, neurology, psychology, and development. This training enables occupational therapists to create an individualized plan of action to improve your independence and your life.  Occupational therapists are the ONLY professionals recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to make recommendations for home modifications or remodeling for persons with disabilities. Destination Home LLC works with only the best occupational therapists in the industry.

  • Knowledgeable – Our independent living specialists continually train on new and emerging products and services to help aging and chronically ill individuals.  In fact, our staff of specialists includes licensed instructors for continuing education (CEU) classes taken by nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists across the country.  We teach the other medical providers you currently see.

  • Trustworthy – Our independent living specialists are experienced professionals with exceptional knowledge and dedication.  We will be honest with you about what you can expect. Because we work for you, we will always champion your needs with technology companies, remodelers, and other modification providers.



Marnie Renda met with us this spring to assess our living space, the role of M.S. in our lives, and our needs for the future.

Marnie is knowledgeable, skilled, resourceful, and a caring advocate for people with special needs who want to stay in their home and take advantage of all the options that will help them do so.

After her comprehensive evaluation, she helped us set goals that would improve my husband’s physical condition and our living situation.  

Her positive attitude and obvious care for us were very energizing.  We made decisions and took steps which led to some real improvements in our life.

We strongly recommend Marnie for any need you may have connected with “Destination Home!”

Jim and Kate Powers


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