You can continue to live in the comfort of your home throughout your lifetime.  This is called “Aging in Place”. 

We can help.  Working with you in the privacy and safety of your home, we determine the best action plan for your condition, environment, and budget


What is “Aging in Place?”

Aging in Place is a term that you may have heard in the news. What does it mean?  Often, Aging in Place is a phrase used when talking about remodeling to live at home as you age. This is not the definition.


Aging in Place is the ability to live in one’s home of choice as you age by using services, assistive technology, and environmental modifications.  Aging in Place allows you freedom to live as you choose.  You choose only the support you need.

You are thinking about the furure, and how and where you want to live. Where will that be?  Will your home be able to meet your needs if you begin to have trouble getting around? Maybe you are already seeing the effects of arthritis or visual loss. Maybe you are caring for a spouse who has memory problems.

As you begin to search for solutions you find an overwhelming number of available products and services.


Common Challenges

You have worked hard to build a rewarding and independent life.  You have good friends, a happy family, and a beautiful home. It seems, however, your world is increasingly filled with barriors that limit your freedom.

  • You struggle to navigate your own home.  There may even be parts of your home you avoid because it is too difficult to enter or exit them.

  • You struggle to get into and out of your car.  Having a car no longer means mobility.

  • Your furniture traps you.  You struggle to get out of your bed.  You can’t get out of your favorite chair without summoning your strength.  

  • The fear of falling has you hesitating to go out; you especially dread cracked sidewalks and stairs.

  • Those who care about you have suggested an independent living facility, and you fear living in a nursing home.  You realize daily activities are not as easy as they used to be, but you still want to live at home.

Your family is concerned, and you find yourself agreeing with their concerns more and more each day.  You want to rebuild your independence, but you are not sure where to start.


We all want to stay comfortably in our homes throughout our life.  Continuing to live in your home, Aging in Place, requires using services, assistive technology, and environmental changes.

Services – What services are available to maintain the quality of life you have grown accustomed to?  What are the benefits and trade-offs? How can you select a reputable and trustworthy provider?  What is the cost, and what support programs are available?

Assistive technology – What medical equipment could make life easier at home?  Are technology-based solutions a valid option? How reputable are these suppliers?  This brand costs 5x’s as much that brand, what is the difference? Should I trust the salesman at the medical supply store to know what is best for me?

Changing the environment – What changes to your home will have the most positive impact on your life?  Are there contractors who specialize in Aging in Place remodeling? Are some flooring and surface materials better than others for my condition?  Should I trust my contractor to make these recommendations? Can my home be both beautiful and still meet my changing needs?

How We Can Help

You can maintain a normal and independent life at home.  We can help. We know what resources there are, which are best for you, and how to get them.

Working with you in the privacy and safety of your home, we determine the best action plan for your condition, environment, and budget.

Our independent living specialists are:

  • Qualified – Our independent living specialists are licensed and registered occupational therapists with advanced training to help you continue to live in the comfort of your home.  Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals specifically trained to help people be as independent as possible.  They are trained in anatomy, neurology, psychology, and development. This training enables occupational therapists to create an individualized plan of action to improve your independence and your life.  Occupational therapists are the ONLY professionals recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to make recommendations for home modifications or remodeling for persons with disabilities. We work with only the best occupational therapists in the industry.

  • Knowledgeable – Our independent living specialists continually train on new and emerging products and services to help aging individuals.  In fact, our staff of specialists includes licensed instructors for continuing education (CEU) classes taken by nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists across the country.  We teach the other medical providers you currently see.

  • Trustworthy – Our independent living specialists are experienced professionals with exceptional knowledge and dedication.  We will be honest with you about what you can expect as you age. Because we work for you, we will always champion your needs with technology companies, remodelers, and other modification providers.


All that I can feel is relief when I read your assessment from today.  You are knowledgeable, thorough, kind, patient and persistent.  All of these things are true blessings.  Had this happened a few months ago, Dad would have been floundering, and resistent to mention any of this to us.  And all we could have done to help is to ask him to see the doctor, and then hope that he would have given the doctor thorough and accurate information from his own viewpoint.  I cannot tell you the gratitude that I feel that you are involved and handling their situation with knowledge and care.  You are an answer to many, many prayers!

Please continue to keep us informed (as you have been doing so well!) and let us know what we can do to help.  I can call the dr office to get a sooner appt if Dad is unable to be significantly pushy!  

Kara Leberecht

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