What We Do

We help older adults and persons with disabilities continue to live at home by providing assessments and implementing solutions. Our licensed professionals assess your needs and educate you about the options available so that you feel confident to make decisions that are right for you and your family. Our goal is to help you continue to live where you feel most comfortable, at home!

When disability or illness strikes, Rebuild Independence helps you pick up the pieces. Our Independent Living Specialists are specifically trained to help you regain your independence at home through a personalized accessibility consultation, universal design remodeling, caregiver training and assistive technology solutions. We help you create a “game plan” for today, tomorrow and the future.

What Makes Us Different

We use only licensed occupational therapists to make recommendations about the solutions available to best fit your specific needs and budget. Research indicted that when occupational therapists conduct the home assessment of needs, clients have better outcomes. This includes increased independence with personal care, increased quality of life and decreased caregiver strain. The CDC identifies occupational therapists as the only professionals qualified to make recommendations for changes to the home.

Occupational Therapy Advantage

Occupational therapists are rehabilitation professionals who are trained to assess how a person meets the demands of their environment. Educated in anatomy, neurology, psychology and aging/development. Occupational therapists use this knowledge to identify the potential problem areas and modify the home to support the person.

Occupational therapists have a clear understanding of disease processes and injuries and their impact on function. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to help a client reach their greatest potential and complete all of those tasks that help them live a happy and productive life. Occupational therapists are trained to match the person and the home, this requires an individualized approach.

They are trained to teach activities of daily life including self care, community mobility, home management, medication management and leisure activities.

Others may say that they provide home safety assessments. But, only a licensed occupational therapist has the training to perform such an evaluation. 

You would not let your mechanic prescribe your medication, so do not let your contractor prescribe your home safety needs.  Contact us to have the right professional assess your needs.

We understand all what it takes to live at home with a disability and we are here to help you every step of the way!

Life. Easier. At Home.


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