Our Testimonials

Wow-- this was quite an extensive report.  I am thrilled to see you are tackling these cognitive issues head-on.  Thanks for the extra work this week.

I think establishing a direct connection with my Dad will help a lot.

The whole family is so appreciative and thankful for your involvement-- we all breathed a collective sigh of relief today after receiving your email.

This is so great, I can't even begin to tell you... the relief...

In my opinion, Marnie Renda is a professional stress-reliever.  Her philosophy behind Destination Home manifested a strategy for the care of my elderly parents that drastically reduced the anxiety I had about their safety and happiness. The DH kitchen cooks with professional assessment followed by action, and a healthy dash of warm loving humanity. I have learned that safe, worry-free independent living for the elderly is possible, but only with the professional knowledge and implemented plan that a Certified Aging in Place Specialist provides. 

Scott Lebrecht

Caregiver / Family Member

Marnie Renda met with us this spring to assess our living space, the role of M.S. in our lives, and our needs for the future.

Marnie is knowledgable, skilled, resourceful, and a caring advocate for people with special needs who want to stay in their home and take advantage of all the options that will help them do so.

After her comprehensive evaluation, she helped us set goals that would improve my husband’s physical condition and our living situation.  

Her positive attitude and obvious care for us were very energizing.  We made decisions and took steps which led to some real improvements in our life.

We strongly recommend Marnie for any need you may have connected with “Destination Home!”


Jim and Kate Powers

Patient / Family Member

All that I can feel is relief when I read your assessment from today.  You are knowledgeable, thorough, kind, patient and persistent.  All of these things are true blessings.  Had this happened a few months ago, Dad would have been floundering, and resistent to mention any of this to us.  And all we could have done to help is to ask him to see the doctor, and then hope that he would have given the doctor thorough and accurate information from his own viewpoint.  I cannot tell you the gratitude that I feel that you are involved and handling their situation with knowledge and care.  You are an answer to many, many prayers!

Please continue to keep us informed (as you have been doing so well!) and let us know what we can do to help.  I can call the dr office to get a sooner appt if Dad is unable to be significantly pushy! 

Kara Leberecht

Caregiver / Family Member