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Have you or a loved had a fall? Are you worried about falling? Has someone you love recently been injured by a fall?

We understand your concerns about falls and we can help. Our licensed and trained staff will complete a falls assessment, not a checklist. The research has shown that completing a fall checklist DOES NOT reduce falls! What does reduce falls?

Our Service

We provide an individualized professional fall assessment in your home by a licensed and registered occupational therapist. We use standardized assessment tools to determine your current risk for falls. These assessment tool enable us to measure the impact of our services to reducing your risk for falls.

Common recommendations include a combination of products, modifications to your home environment and referral to services as services.

Fall Facts

    • 33% of falls are caused by environmental hazards
    • 78% occur inside or near the home
    • Falls are the leading cause of injury in people over 65
    • 25% of those who fall, die within one year

These are the facts, so what can you do about it?

Here are the FACTS about intervention:

    • The research shows that fall prevention is most effective using a multifactoral approach. This includes MD review of medication, occupational therapist home assessment and intervention.
    • Fall reduction interventions are most effective with persons who have a history of falls.
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