Rebuilding Independence Through Remodeling

We specialize in helping elders and persons with disabilities life at home for a lifetime.
Our experienced team of professionals will help you create a home that will meet your specific needs for today and tomorrow. We provide a common sense approach to creating barrier-free design that promotes beautiful long-term home environments that will meet your needs today and in the future.


What Makes us Different?

Creating spaces to meet the needs of persons with disabilities requires advanced knowledge and skills to ensure the end product is both functional and beautiful. We use only the highly qualified professionals throughout the process. From the design, selection of finishes and construction. Our team includes occupational therapists, building professionals, architects and designers. Together, we create beautiful and functional spaces that will meet your needs for a lifetime.


Proven Solutions

We use an evidenced based approach to our design. What does that mean? Our professional clinical staff are continually reviewing the most current research on home safety, home modifications and fall prevention to incorporate only solutions that are proven to be effective to improve safety, reduce falls, increase quality of life and decrease caregiver strain.


Client-Centered Approach

We focus on your needs and wants. You come first! Our trained clinical staff will provide you with options available to meet your needs. This will enable you to make informed decisions about the changes that will fit your needs and budget.



Our trusted professionals will guide you through the construction process to ensure it is completed in an efficient and stress-free manner. We specialize in building high quality, beautiful spaces for persons with disabilities.


Professional Assessment of Your Needs

An occupational therapist, with advanced training and experience, will assess your specific needs. These professionals specialize in understanding the impact injury and illnesses has on your ability to participate in daily activities. They are trained to implement strategies to address all the things that you need and want to do such as cooking, bathing, leisure activities and moving safely throughout your home.


Award Winning Design

Our team of professionals have won several national awards for Universal Design and Aging in Place Design. Be know that functional homes can be beautiful home. We know how to create homes that work for you, instead of against you. All this while increasing the value of you home!  Read More.


Solutions That Meet Your Individual Needs

Our team will work with you to create the perfect home environment for you. Our trained occupational therapists will evaluate you, your home and the activities that you engage in everyday. Then, we generate solutions to meet each of those areas. As always, we work with you, as a team, to select the best option to meet your needs.


The Process

Our experienced team understands that our clients and their caregivers need quality, efficient construction, in order to, minimize stress and disruption to your daily routine. We streamline the process to make is as simple as possible. We communicate on a weekly basis so that you always know the exact status of your project. Project managers are available 7 days a week to answer questions.

Possible Solutions To Make Life at Home Easier

○ Replace a bathtub with a no-step shower
○ Replace the front steps with an integrated concrete ramp
○ Expand a bathroom
○ Build a home addition such as an accessible in-law suite
○ Widen doorways
○ Recess doorway thresholds to remove barriers
○ Lower counters in kitchens for access in a seated position
○ Replace flooring
○ Install decorative grab bar
○ Remodel to create an accessible kitchen
○ Enhance Lighting

Let us help you create a space that allows you to stay home for a lifetime. We will develop a plan that is unique to your specific needs.


Life. Easier. At Home.