We Advocate for You and Your Loved Ones

Finding your way through the maze of healthcare if difficult, to say the least! When a loved one becomes injured or illness strikes, life can become overwhelming. Trying to coordinate all the services to return home safely is a daunting task. Therapists and caregivers will be needed. Medication routines were changed. Healthcare professionals are recommending equipment. There are challenges at home. How will you manage the stairs, the bathtub, getting on and off the toilet? How do you get the new medication? How can you get the best services and recovery for your loved one? People are saying that insurance will not cover these services. You wonder, it that true?

At Rebuild Independence, our trained staff will guide you through the complicated healthcare system. We will help identify problems, set up care and help you maximize the impact of therapy.

Our trained staff will also provide you with education regarding what is “covered” and “not covered” under medicare, medicaid and other insurances. We will help you decide the best way to use the benefits that you have, often saving your hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Advocacy Services

    • Review of current medical treatment plans to ensure that all your needs are being met.
    • Communication with healthcare professionals regarding your specific needs to maximize services.
    • Communication with insurance providers to ensure coverage of needed services.
    • Meetings/conferences with families, facilities and healthcare teams.
    • Identification of community resources available to minimize out of pocket expenses.


Life. Easier. At Home.