June 10-11, 2011 Spokane, WA Home Modifications: Promoting Safety and Function

Course Description:

Learn to maximize safety, independence, and access through functional and environmental home modifications. With the national movement toward aging in place along with the trend of integrating people of all ages with disabilities into society, there has been an explosion of products, technology and environmental options to support living at home. This course will give you the tools and resources needed to make difficult clinical decisions incorporating equipment, technology or remodeling to address the current and future needs of your clients to prevent hospital readmission and to stay home successfully.

Day 1 and 2 focuses on evaluation, products and remodeling solutions. Day 3 (optional) focuses on how to create a home modification business.

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What people are saying about Marnie’s course:
“This course far exceeded my expectation. I think all therapists especially OT’s and PT’s that do Home Safety evaluations should take this course. The information is “cutting edge”.” Terese Scott, OTR

“Very impressive collection of data – Marnie utilizes videos and pictures well to demonstrate points. It is evident Marnie loves what she does and has made great efforts to merge different fields for a common goal.”
Jennifer Flanigan, OTR

“This course was highly applicable to my daily work in helping my patients be their most safe and independent at home” Peggy McRoberts, OTR


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